JB-2/LVT-2-N Loon

This is the MAC 1/72 scale post WWII JB-2 Loon, a US made version of the German V-1 flying bomb. This kit was one of the first V-1 offerings by MAC and there are several other variants. This is not a “shake and bake” kit, but it is pretty easy to build, with no major …

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Ki-201 Karyu

This is the RS Models 1/72 scale resin kit of the Ki-201 Karyu, a Japanese WWII jet design that was quite similar to the German Me-262. Although the Ki-201 never flew, it’s smaller cousin, the Nakajima Kikka did fly twice. The RS kit is designed much like a standard injected plastic kit, with thin hollow …

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US Air Force STOL Cargo Plane

Academy/Minicraft Models has a series of small, simple box scale model aircraft kits. One of the planes in the series is the 1/480 scale C-5A Galaxy Transport. There’s an in box preview at Modeling Madness. There’s not much to the kit, but it’s nicely molded and fits together well. I like the design and engine …

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ki-98/VG-98 in French Markings

This is a What-if? based on the excellent Meng 1/72 scale Ki-98 fighter kit. The Ki-98 was a proposed Japanese WWII fighter that never went into production. The Meng kit is beautifully molded, has excellent fit and goes together with no problems. I just didn’t want to build it as “designed”. I decided to make …

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WWI Coanda monoplane fighter

A few years ago, I bought a bag of second hand 1/72 WWI planes. Most were old Revell kits except for one pristine ESCI Neiuport 17. The Revell kits were in bad shape; most were missing decals, instructions or parts, so I got them all for less than $10. The worst of the lot was …

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