Robida Flyer

1880s Albert Robida Inspired Flyer

Albert Robida was an accomplished French illustrator and writer from the late 1800s. His illustrations about technology in the 20th century were both whimsical and evocative. I decided to make a 1/35 scale flying vehicle inspired by some of his artwork. The original inspiration isn’t his – it dates from 1828 and depicts Mr. Charles

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JB-2/LVT-2-N Loon

This is the MAC 1/72 scale post WWII JB-2 Loon, a US made version of the German V-1 flying bomb. This kit was one of the first V-1 offerings by MAC and there are several other variants. This is not a “shake and bake” kit, but it is pretty easy to build, with no major

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Ki-201 Karyu

This is the RS Models 1/72 scale resin kit of the Ki-201 Karyu, a Japanese WWII jet design that was quite similar to the German Me-262. Although the Ki-201 never flew, it’s smaller cousin, the Nakajima Kikka did fly twice. The RS kit is designed much like a standard injected plastic kit, with thin hollow

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