JB-2/LVT-2-N Loon

This is the MAC 1/72 scale post WWII JB-2 Loon, a US made version of the German V-1 flying bomb. This kit was one of the first V-1 offerings by MAC and there are several other variants.
This is not a “shake and bake” kit, but it is pretty easy to build, with no major problems. There are no locating pins for the wings, just flat areas, so care must be taken to ensure good wing alignment.

The kit comes with some photoetched parts for the engine intake louvers, the pitot tube that goes in the front engine support pylon and the generator prop in the nose. They’re tiny, fiddly bits and are easy to break off (or lose).

I decided to paint the Loon in the bright orange colors of a Navy LVT-2-N. I did a minimum of weathering, since this was a single use vehicle.

“Hans”, the standing figure is from the Preiser 1/72 Luftwaffe figure set; he seems to have retained his job as a photographer after the War.

Updated August 5, 2020

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