Gentleman Jim Jameson – Hired Gun

This is my build of Master Box’s Gentleman Jim Jameson – Hired Gun. It’s the second of a three kit series Old West theme by Master Box: “Outlaw. Gunslinger”

The kit has two sprues. The horse sprue (with two head/neck options) is common to all three kits. The second sprue is for the figure of the Hired Gun. There are some fit and detailing issues with the figure and horse, but nothing major.

Jim Jameson, almost finished. I used some cotton from a Q-Tip to add the stringy hair over his ears.
I added a new belt from a strip of plastic. The belt buckle is from plastic backed aluminum tape and the bullets are from 0.4mm ABS waste from my FDM printer. The kit just has vague lumps for the belt, buckle and bullets. I tried adding “JJ” to the belt buckle but just ended up smearing it.
On the horse. The location of the stirrups, saddle bags and other equipment on the kit is vague. The picture shows a bit of flash next to the horse’s tail, which I’ve since removed.
The reins are fine tape. I spent little time detailing the horse, but I think the final result is similar to the boxtop.

Overall, this was a quick and fun build. I tried Scale 75 Flesh Paint Set for the first time, and I was pleased by the results.

Details of the build are in my thread on Beyond the Sprues. Mr. Jameson makes an appearance on my next build, the Albert Robida flyer.

Updated August 5, 2020

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