Russian T-18/MS-1 Mod. 1927 tank

I’ve always liked early Soviet tanks. The T-18/MS-1 was the first Soviet tank and was based on the Renault FT from WWI. There’s an old 1/35 scale AER/Eastern Express kit of this tank, but the thick parts and poor fit make it almost unbuildable; I ended up using it as a source of spare parts for other builds.

The model below was made from the HobbyBoss kit and it’s very easy to build. Unlike most HB kits, it’s not over-engineered. I built it OOB, except for a rudimentary interior (which I didn’t photograph) and an aftermarket headlight. The kit had been sitting idle on my bench for months, waiting only for the tracks, which seems to be the progress killer on most tank kits.

The driver is from Miniart. I don’t think this uniform was in use in 1927.
The headlight is an MV lens.
The figure shows how small this two man tank was.
The base is the AMM8351 AMMO by Mig Diorama Base – Stone Mountain Ground – probably a generic model railroad base.

Updated August 5, 2020

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