Russian soldier and dog, Grozny 2000

A while ago, I saw a Time photo essay on the war in Chechnya. It had some stunning pictures of the war and devastation in the capital city of Grozny. One of the images that caught my eye was of a Russian soldier, holding an AK-74 with a German Shepherd standing at his side.

I realized that I had the parts needed to make a rough approximation of this scene using DML/Dragon 1/35 figures. I used parts from the following figure sets:

DML 3003 Soviet VDV Air Assault
DML 3008 Soviet Motor Rifle Troops
DML 6025 German Infantry (Battle of the Hedgerows, 1944)
DML 6098 German Feldgendarmerie w/Dogs

It wasn’t difficult mixing and matching figure parts and weapons. I couldn’t get the dog’s fur to look realistic. A friend from Russia mentioned that the hair was too long for a Russian soldier, but that it otherwise looked good.

Updated August 5, 2020

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