Pandemic Shopping

The 2020 pandemic (amongst all the other existential worries) forced people to go on an almost desperate search for toilet paper… this is a slightly humorous depiction of that quest.

The Master Box Ltd. “Europe, 1945” is an excellent kit; the figures have great poses.

I used the two figures on the left in a previous project. With some minor modifications, the two remaining figures on the right would be perfect for what I had in mind. I didn’t want to paint faces again, but I did have some Live Resin gas masks, which were great for the theme.

I extended the man’s pant legs and gave him a hoodie, both made with ProCreate putty – some day, I’ll get hoodies right. I also sanded off all the molded-on jacket insignia.
Master Box figure poses can be easily modified, so I raised the man’s right arm and changed his left hand with a suitable Hornet resin replacement. It took some plastic surgery to make room for the resin gas masks and hoods, but it didn’t take long. The roll of TP is Tamiya tape rolled up and pained off-white.

In my previous project, I used the brunette’s leg on the blonde’s body, so I had to rework the blonde’s legs/feet to match the new body. I ended up losing one of the figure’s feet so I removed both and replaced them with feet from a figure from Bandai’s “Bulma’s Capsule NO.9 Motorcycle“. They were close enough to 1/35. I raised the woman’s left arm and replaced the hand with one from a Verlinden hand set. Her ponytail is ProCreate putty. The iPhone is a styrene rectangle. The base is a kitchen counter sample from Home Depot.

My wife Lisa gave me dress color suggestions (but wasn’t impressed with the choice/color of the footwear) and suggested the pink mask. This was a pretty quick and fun project. I enjoyed getting Lisa involved in the project and her suggestions were great.

Updated July 4, 2021

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