Our first three cats were Entropy, Ganache and Espresso. Entropy was the oldest; Ganache and Espresso were sisters.

Entropy (March, 1996-March, 2016) was the oldest and the smallest, but she was a smart and affectionate cat. She loved to sit on the couch and look at the birds or sit on my lap and watch TV or play cat games on my iPad. She also loved to eat, and fresh chicken was her favorite. She had a good, long life – 20 years.

Ganache (April, 2000- November, 2016) was Espresso’s sister. She was a big, vocal cat who loved attention. When Lisa and I would come home from work and were discussing our day, Ganache demanded to be picked up, so she could be part of the conversation. She also made sure Lisa went to bed on time and would put her paw in my hand until I fell asleep.

When Ganache was 10 years old, she developed kidney failure; it turned out she had been born with only one working kidney. We gave her subcutaneous saline for 6.5 years and her kidney values were stable and normal until the end – she died at 16.5 from a tumor in her non-working kidney.

Espresso (April 2000 – May, 2019) Espresso was the runt of the litter but she was always in charge, making sure that her sister Ganache didn’t get into trouble. She quickly grew up into a big, fluffy, beautiful, and smart cat. She would sleep in my arms and she loved crunchy treats. She was also my modeling buddy and would keep me company while I built models. She died after developing sudden kidney failure; at 19, she probably would not have survived the treatment required to stabilize her.

After Espresso died, we were devastated – our house felt empty without furry supervisors.
Later the same month, in May, 2019, we decided to look for kittens (3, ideally), not expecting to find any right away.
We visited the West L.A. Animal Shelter at the same time that three 8 week old kittens from the same litter were being brought in by their foster. We met them at the intake counter and the boy cat ran up my arm – maybe to protect his sisters who were cowering in one corner of the cage or maybe to explore. There was no way we weren’t taking these three kittens!

All three were spayed and neutered the next day, and we brought them home. They are sweet and affectionate kittens, finally maturing into cats and developing their own personalities.

Diziet Sma – named after a character in Iain M. Banks’ Culture series of novels. She has a white “soul patch” on her chin. She likes to get into mischief with her brother Felix.

Emma Peel – named after the heroine in The Avengers TV series. Emma is very sweet and affectionate and possibly the smartest of the three. She invented her own fetch game and loves playing it with her humans. She can also be very vocal. She loves to blink slowly at her humans.

Felix – named after Felix the Cat, the cartoon character. He loves to play with his toys – often carrying them from room to room. When he’s happy, he stretches out his front claws and purrs. He loves to crawl into our arms for a nap – he’ll purr for a minute, then sigh and fall asleep. This wasn’t a big issue for us when he was a kitten, but he’s getting past 10 lbs. now…. and still growing.

Updated August 5, 2020